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童話が大好きなのですが…[教育・科学・学問>人文科学>文学]こんにちは。 初心者の初心者の初心者の質問なんですが情報頂きたいと思います。 私は童話(日本海外どこでも)に凄く興味があって、いろんな話を読んでみたいとおもっています。 英語に…
Ballet Shoes (BBC Children’s Classics) Free Audiobook

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Format: Abridged
Written by: Noel Streatfeild
Release date: 8/16/2006
Duration: 2 hrs and 19 mins
Language: English
Genre: kids, ages 5-7

A full cast dramatisation of this classic children’s book. Pauline, Petrova, and Posy Fossil are not really sisters; even their surname is invented since Great Uncle Matthew(GUM) adopted each of them on his various fossil-hunting trips. When the trio decide to “put our name in the history books because it’s our very own”, each Fossil uses her individual talents to achieve their joint aim in this captivating story, now a modern children’s classic.
and (P)1995 BBC Audiobooks Ltd

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