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14 Kイエローゴールドノベルティチャームペンダント、Small Little Boy Hanging斜めから足、ブルーClothes & 2 – D
14 Kイエローゴールドノベルティチャームペンダント、Small Little Boy Hanging斜めから足、ブルーClothes & 2 - D
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HUGE Primark Children’s Holiday Clothes Haul | Mrs Hodgson

Hey guys

We’ve just come home from a holiday in Paphos, Cyprus, here is a HUGE Primark Holiday Clothes Haul for you that I meant to upload when we arrived out there but the wifi was just shocking. To all my Slimming World followers I have a series of videos to follow, please be patient with me. Apologies for my family taking over my channel for a while. I need to get the balance right here on YouTube.

Anyway, back to the haul, I bought boys, girls, from toddler to tween/teen, accessories, shoes and clothes.

Hope you enjoy.

You can also find me over on Channel Mum.

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Thanks so much for checking us out and we hope you enjoy and subscribe.・・・続きはこちら⇒HUGE Primark Children’s Holiday Clothes Haul | Mrs Hodgson

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