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英語が分からないので教えてください。[ビジネス・キャリア>職業・資格>TOEFL・TOEIC・英語検定]次の1〜5はa〜cのどの意味になりますか? 1.We're on our way. a)We're going away. b)We're failing. c)We're starting. 2.So many roads to choose a)many choices in life b)too many streets in the city c)lots of problems to sol…
星の涯の空 上 (創元SF文庫)
星の涯の空 上 (創元SF文庫)

The Children Against the Sky

Lecture on the political and philosophical challenges posed by Juliana v. U.S. Delivered at the Peace Palace Library as part of the The Hague Environmental Law Facility lecture series.・・・続きはこちら⇒The Children Against the Sky

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