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Mary’s Boy Child
Mary's Boy Child

Family Holidays & Family Holidays Abroad Tots To Travel are a UK based family travel company, with a main focus on family holidays abroad. They specialise in providing families with a safe and stress free holiday experience.

Tots To Travel want to help you to make your family holiday as special as you can and give you time to switch off and have a great time with your young children whilst on holiday. These factors are often overlooked by travel agencies and tour operators when you go to book family holidays abroad through them. They often give you a sales pitch for a package deal that isn’t right for your family and doesn’t take into account any of your family’s needs. Tots To Travel won’t give you a sales pitch, we offer you independent advice, alleviating the stress of booking family holidays abroad.

Tots To Travel goes above and beyond the usual travel company by visiting every single property on their website. All of these properties have been checked for safety as a priority, quality and local support within the area. Families who book family holidays abroad through Tots To Travel know that they are getting a property with all of those factors and can be safe in knowledge that they are not taking that risk.

We know that parents are looking for a holiday that suits their individual family needs and don’t want just another package holiday. Therefore, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ holiday requirements and matching them with an appropriate property. You could want a rural holiday home, a luxury holiday home, be near to other families or a private swimming pool, Tots To Travel can help.

We have personally selected over 400 family holiday villas to date, each of which have been approved by our team of mums.

Tots To Travel was created by mother of three Wendy Shand after her two year old son fell into an unenclosed swimming pool during a family holiday in 2005. Wendy found the lack of information and advice surrounding safe, family friendly holiday accommodation and family holidays abroad frustrating and so Tots To Travel was created in 2006.

The aim of the company is to find appropriate solutions to the question, “what really frustrates mums and dads when they are planning, booking and going on their family holidays abroad?” Answering this question and finding these solutions often means that the company goes to great lengths to give families lots of options for a great holiday experience.

Tots To Travel’s approach is one hundred percent family focussed.

Not only do Tots To Travel have this team of specially trained mums, they also have a group of “Holiday Heroes” who know exactly what it’s like to travel with children and so know the questions that need to be asked and which properties they should recommend you to suit your family’s individual requirements.

As Tots To Travel do all of the searching, vetting and approving of family holiday homes, that makes your time searching for family holidays abroad, including an appropriate holiday accommodation, a lot less stressful. The Tots To Travel promise is that they will provide your family with “a stress free, time saving family holiday search service for busy parents, a smooth booking process and, once on holiday, beautiful, safe environments where families can enjoy relaxed, quality time together.”

By visiting the Tots To Travel website you can meet the team and find out more about them. Each of the trained mum’s and Holiday Heroes have their own area and are based in various locations throughout the UK and Europe such as Italy, Portugal, Cumbria, France, Spain, the East of England, the Algarve and Worcestershire.

Tots To Travels innovative and unique approach to booking family holidays abroad has earned them a number of awards. This includes the Cisco Customer Kings Award for outstanding customer service, which they won in March 2012.

Wendy herself has also received recognition for the hard work that she’s put into developing and building Tots To Travel into the UK family travel company. This includes winning awards such as the Enterprisenation Home Business of the Year Award 2007, the Mother@ work Best Mumpreneur Award 2007, the BT Essence of the Entrepreneur Award 2007, the Loved by Parents Fab Woman of the Year 2011 as well as being a finalist in the StartUps Awards 2008 regional finalist in the HSBC Start Up Stars awards 2008, and she was also a runner up in the Everywomen Awards 2008. Other credits and titles that Wendy has received include being named the Practical Parenting’s Inspirational Business Mum of the Year 2009.

To find out more information on Tots To Travel, visit their website using the blue clickable link above.

A United Kingdom Family Holidays Abroad Company・・・続きはこちら⇒Family Holidays & Family Holidays Abroad

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