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I Worship Chaos
I Worship Chaos

Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos [FULL ALBUM]

NEW Children of Bodom-I Worship Chaos FULL ALBUM+bonus tracks & music videos. *UPDATING as Good Copies of each track becomes available!

Artist: Children of Bodom Album: I Worship Chaos Genre: Melodic death metal, power metal Released: October 2, 2015 Label: Nuclear Blast Producer: Peter .

Children Of Bodom Nuclear Blast Records ChildrenOfBodomOfficial I Worship Chaos Download I Worship Chaos Playlist Full Album 1. “IHurt” 2. “My Bodom (I .

Order I WORSHIP CHAOS at: SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to .・・・続きはこちら⇒Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos [FULL ALBUM]

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