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「You」や「I」が入った曲と言えば?[エンターテインメント>音楽・ダンス>その他(音楽・ダンス)]タイトルや歌詞に「You」や「I」が入った曲でお好きなものがあれば教えてください。 (新旧、洋邦、ジャンル、一切問いません) 私は、こんなのが好きです。 Glenn Frey – You Belong To The City – htt…
Children’s book : Alice in Wonderland (Revision Edition) Childrens Bedtime Story Book with Special 2 OPTIONS ENDINGS (2 Ending Options Tale for Children 7) (English Edition)
Children's book : Alice in Wonderland (Revision Edition) Childrens Bedtime Story Book with Special 2 OPTIONS ENDINGS (2 Ending Options Tale for Children 7) (English Edition)

次の英文の日本語訳を教えてください。よろしくお願いします。 [教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]次の英文の日本語訳を教えてください。よろしくお願いします。 J. k. Rowling is the author of the best-selling series of children’s fantasy books, Harry Potter. The books have been translated into more than sixty languages, and they have also been turned into popular movies. J. K. Rowling is the author’s penname. Her real name is Joanne Rowling. Her publishers suggested that she use a penname because young boys might not want to read books written by a woman. She was born in 1965, near Bristol, England. As a little girl, her dream was to become a writer. The idea to write the Harry Potter series came to Rowling in 1990 when she was riding on a train. Later that year, however, she lost her mother. With deep sorrow, she left England for Portugal. While working there as an English teacher, she married, had a child and divorced. In 1994, she returned to Britain with her baby daughter and worked on her book. Rowling often took her daughter to a coffee shop, where she wrote while her daughter slept, After completing the first book in 1995, she tried to find a publisher but was repeatedly turned down. Fame and success quickly to this struggling single mother, however, when the first book in the series was finally published in 1997. The series tells the story of an orphan named Harry Potter. He has magical powers ant goes to a school of wizardry. It deals with themes such as love, death, good and evil, and presents readers with a world of magic, mystery and excitement. Studies have shown that because of the Harry Potter series, many children have become more interested in reading and are getting better grades at school. Rowling has received many awards for the Harry Potter books and has also become the richest writer in history. She is also interested in charity work. Magic is a major part of the stories, but the real magic of the Harry Potter series is its power to entertain people of all ages around the world.(11)日本語訳お願いします。 More Than a Do[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語](11)日本語訳お願いします。 More Than a Doll By far the most popular doll in the US is Barbie, with her voluptuous figure and countless accessoriies. It seems that people either love Barbie or despise her. Some families spend asmall fortune collecting the blue-eyed dolls for their daughters. Others won`t allow her in the house. They resent Barbie`s extensive wardrobe and slender body, which teach children the wrong values. They fear that theirchildren will become preoccupied by their bodies and believe that skinny is best. Now a new doll is challenging Barbie`s empire. Her name is Razanne and she`s a Muslim. Ammar and Sherrie Saadeh, who are based in Mchigan USA, have created Razanne as a doll for Muslim girls. Unlike Barbie, Razanne, with her simple dress and removable hijab headscarf, teachs young Muslim woman to be modest and respectful. Ammar Saadeh says that Razanne is more than a doll. She is a tool for young Muslim girls to learn the value of education and religion instead of focusing on their bodies as the most significant aspect of their lives. There are several versions of the doll available,including Student Razanne, who is equipped with a schoolbag, books and pens; Playing Razanne, who comes with a prayer rug and a little toy Koran; and In and Out Razanne, who sports two outfit–a Western dress and makeup to wear at home, and a long Muslim dress and headscarf to wear outside. The Razanne doll, which is flying off the shelves, is thought to be the best-selling girl`s toy in the Arab world. New Boy Toys in Syria noted the success story and has launched another Muslim doll named Fulla. Other are in the pipeline. Watch out Barbie.


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