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70〜80年代のディスコソング。ヒップホップの乗りでブルガリアン・ヴォ[エンターテインメント>音楽・ダンス>海外アーティスト]70〜80年代のディスコソング。 ヒップホップの乗りでブルガリアン・ヴォイスのお祈りの様なバックコーラス。 ビートの利いたハイテンポでとってもアクティヴな曲です。 当時よく、エアロ…
After the Battle on Starship Hill: Prologue to The Children of the Sky (Zones of Thought series)
After the Battle on Starship Hill: Prologue to The Children of the Sky (Zones of Thought series)

What markings does the elder p[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]What markings does the elder put on himself and on the baby? Why is the baby held up to the sky? Why do you think some families name children after a parent or grandparent? The text says that the Ashkenazi Jews and !Kung people of Namibia do not name their children after living parents, but it doesn’t give the reason why. Think about a possible reason for the custom, and discuss it with a partner. Do you know any other naming ceremonies? If so, describe them to your classmates. 分からない英文がありました! 訳して下さい!これの英語の読み方を教えてください! We’ll[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]これの英語の読み方を教えてください! We’ll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet And the morals that they worship will be gone And the men who spurre d us on Will sit in judgment of all wrong They decide and the shotgun sings the song * I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I’ll get on my knees and pray We don’t get fooled again The change, it had to come We knew it all along We were liberated from the fold, that’s all And the world looks just the same And history ain’t changed ‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the last war (*repeat) No, no! I’ll move myself and my family aside If we happen to be left half alive I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky Though I know that the hypnotized never lie Do ya? There’s nothing in the streets Looks any different to me And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye And the parting on the left Are now parting on the right And the beards have all grown longer overnight (*repeat) Don’t get fooled again No, no! Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Meet the new boss Same as the old boss和訳お願いします And finally, everyth[エンターテインメントと趣味|音楽|バンド]和訳お願いします And finally, everything worked out just fine. Christmas was saved, though there wasn’t much time. But after that night, things were never the same Each h oliday now knew the other one’s name. And though that one Christmas things got out of hand, I’m still rather fond of that skeleton man. So, many years later I thought I’d drop in, And there was old Jack still looking quite thin, With four or five skeleton children at hand playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band. And I asked old Jack, “Do you remember the night When the sky was so dark and the moon shone so bright? When a million small children pretending to sleep Nearly didn’t have Christmas at all, so to speak? And would, if you could, turn that mighty clock back, To that long, fateful night. Now, think carefully, Jack. Would you do the whole thing all over again, Knowing what you know now, knowing what you knew then?” And he smiled, like the old pumpkin king that I knew, Then turned and asked softly of me, “Wouldn’t you?” 長いのですがお願いします!

QMF 2015 – ‘Children of the Universe’, Under This Sky

Written by Cath Mundy
Arranged by Cath Mundy
Track belongs to Mundy-Turner・・・続きはこちら⇒QMF 2015 – ‘Children of the Universe’, Under This Sky

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