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和訳お願い致します;[学問・教育>英語]You were wrong to believe me. I didn't love you. Then I was wrong. Give your life to God. You mustn't mix with men or be the mother of their children. Men lie. Believe none of us. Give your life to Gnd and work for the Church. Where's your…
トゥモロー・ワールド プレミアム・エディション [DVD]
トゥモロー・ワールド プレミアム・エディション [DVD]
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【至急250枚】 下の英文を和訳して下さい(全て短文です) [教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]【至急250枚】 下の英文を和訳して下さい(全て短文です) What he tweets always generates lots of heated comments. Linguists differ in their expalanation of how Japanese は and が work in a sentence. Before the trial began, the judge summed up the case for the jury. Those scientists took without question the assumption that Einstein’s approach to gravity was the correct one. “Ikumen” means men who are cooperative in raising children. Newton’s Principia is a book about mathematical principles and the application of these principles to the motion of the planets. Women used to stay at home to take care of the children, which is no longer the norm. Cyanide is considered dangerous because death can occur if it is consumed even in a small quantity. Einstein’s first theory, the special theory of relativity is the generaly accepted theory regarding the relation between space and time. His second theory, the general theory of relativity, is the experimentally confirmed theory regarding the relation between space, time and gravity. We don’t want him to join our discussion because he always says something which is not relevant to the ongoing conversation. Most people find his manner of talking irritating, while I find it charming.長いですが訳と設問に答えてください。 問1a〜1eに最も適す[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]長いですが訳と設問に答えてください。 問1a〜1eに最も適するもの prefer, prevent, pursue, take, view 3に最も適するもの since, unless, untill, whereas Stay-at-home dads are married with children who care for their family while their wives work outside the home. Stay-at-home dads are also called stay-at-home fathers, house dads and househusband. Traditionally, men were breadwinners and women were caregivers. A recent survey in England showed that 75% of women in their twenties (1a) a husband who can do the housework,such as shopping,cooking and looking after the children. The widespread expectation that men should share the domestic burden has led some couples to completely reverse their roles. The number of stay-at-home dads is starting to increaseto in Britain,Canada, Australia,the United States and urban India. Many stay-at-home dads (2a) great pleasure in showing affection to their children. Their wives can (1c) careers without worrying about teaching family values or praying for child care. Research suggests that children of stay-at-home dads often benefit from strong bonds with both parents,(3) the father’s role in a stay-at-home mom household in less influential. Although the number of stay-at-home dads is increasing,(4)(it/to/small/compared/remains/) the total number of fathers. In the United States, government estimates that in 2009 there were 158,000 stay-at-home dads, a mere (5) percent of 67.8 million fathers. In Australia, about 1 percent of fathers are stay-at-home dads. Urban India, one estimates suggests 3 percent of fathers stay at the home full- time. Some stay-at-home dads suffer from social stigma. Many people,including stay-at-home moms,do not understand why a man would choose to give up his career to care for his family full-time. Being a stay-at-home dad can also be career suicide. Many employers (1d) stay-at-home dads as lacking ambition and commitment. Losing professional skills may (1e) stay-at-home dads from returning to the workforce.次の英語の並び替えの回答と全文の和訳をお願い致します。 (1[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]次の英語の並び替えの回答と全文の和訳をお願い致します。 (1)The heart is kind of natural pump_____. ①around ②moves ③that ④the blood ⑤the body (2)In most traditional societ ies it was men who had the power and made the important decisions.They also owned almost all the property. Women_____and looking after children.They had little freedom. ①food ②most of ③preparing ④spent ⑤their time (3)I have Diane’s keys.I have_____. ①back ②give ③them ④to ⑤to her よろしくお願い致します。

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